A new co-ownership model for homeownership in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Meet Key.

We’re a co-ownership model, enabling you to benefit from the financial and social prosperity that comes with homeownership. All without a mortgage. 

How is this different than renting?

With co-ownership, you have a stake in your home that can grow in value over time. Plus, part of your monthly payment will go towards your own investment, not just your landlords. Co-owning enables you to grow equity from day one and live in the suite as your personal residence without needing to qualify for or commit to a mortgage. Learn more about how Key compares to renting

How it works. 

Build home equity without a mortgage. 

Co-owning with Key means there is no mortgage required. An Owner-Resident has the option to take on a mortgage and buy their suite after three years but it's their choice.

Become an Owner-Resident for just 2.5% down.

Your initial home equity investment is 2.5% of the value of your suite (around $12k for most of our suites in Kitchener-Waterloo!). Plus, for every $1 invested, Owner-Residents get another $1 in leverage so you can build more home equity, faster. We call this Key’s Co-financing Benefit. Unlike a mortgage, to enjoy this benefit you don’t need to take on any debt. 

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Meet some of Key's Owner-Residents.

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